Open Statement _ Girchi_more Freedom

The elections held on 2 October cannot be assessed as fair and free, as evidenced by the assessments of senators, MEPs and observer organizations. Ivanishvili and his "Georgian Dream" need to resort to more and more violence, intimidation, blackmail and bribery every time in order to stay in power.

In this respect, this election was the worst compared to the elections held in recent years. The scale of the falsification is also shown by the number of revised protocols and the massively reduced number of votes for the opposition.

Therefore, Girchi - More Freedom with Droa, Lelo, UNM and other opposition parties will try to protect each vote by all means. It is also important that in all more or less large urban settlements, where elections are much more difficult to rig, the opposition has won and the second round of elections will be held. With all this in mind, including the fact that the Georgian Dream has not fulfilled any of the clauses of the April 19 agreement, which should have eased the political crisis and prepared the country for local elections, we continue to demand re-parliamentary elections and continue to fight against one-party rule. In all constituencies where the second round of elections will take place, we support the opposition candidates.

Girchi-More Freedom